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Executive and Personal Coach supporting several Senior Executives (CEO, C-Suite, EVP & VP) from the Life Sciences sector; both on the Industry and Professional Services.


Supporting Senior Executives across the world on business and personal challenges providing guidance and advice.

Find your Purpose

I have developed my experience through working for almost 30 years in global top-tier multinationals, both on the Professional Services space and on the Pharmaceutical Industry.

How is it possible that the majority of people in the corporate world, regardless of gender and seniority are cruising and drifting with no purpose in mind? Focusing on the next promotion, the next bonus and the next project only generates short term satisfaction but it vanishes very quickly.

Most people believe that life is a trade-off. If you focus on your work, your relationships or your health might suffer. There is a way to get more of the things that make you happy and fulfilled through creating synergy and understanding where are the entry points.

I would love to help you unfold your true potential in business and in life.

I would love to hear from you

If you feel uneasy with your current situation and you are committed to change I would love to support you on your journey to a better place.